Application Instructions of Renewal Permits

Instructions for Renewal Concealed Handgun Permits

  1. Fill out the Concealed Handgun Application.
    1. You do not need to come to the Clerk’s Office for Renewals. You can sign and mail. (No notary required)
    2. You must attach a photocopy of your current or expired Concealed Handgun Permit.
    3. You must attach a photocopy of a valid State Issued ID with a photo.
  2. Mail or deliver the application to the Dinwiddie Circuit Court Clerk’s Office with a $50 check or money order. Fingerprints are no longer required.
    1. Mailing Address: PO Box 63, Dinwiddie, VA 23841
    2. Physical Address: 14008 Boydton Plank Road, Dinwiddie, VA 23841
  3. The Clerk’s Office will submit the completed application to the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s Office for completion of a criminal history record check.
  4. Once the Sheriff has completed the criminal history record check the Clerk or Judge will sign an order approving or denying the permit.
    1. If your permit is approved, the Clerk’s Office will prepare your permit.
    2. If your permit is denied, you are entitled to an ore tenus hearing within 21 days.
    3. Please refer to pages of the State Police Application (PDF) for further instructions concerning Concealed Handgun Permits.
  5. After the permit is approved, the Clerk’s Office will then mail you the signed permit.
    1. It should take about 45 days upon receipt from the Sheriff’s Department.
    2. If it has been more than 45 days please call the Clerk’s Office and we will inform you of your permit status.