Information Technology

Providing Technology Solutions

Dinwiddie County’s Department of Information Technology is tasked with the responsibility of providing reliable and sustainable technological solutions while remaining good stewards of public funds.

By making proper and forward-looking investments in technology, the IT Department insures the best return of investment for the citizens of Dinwiddie County in the form of improved services. The IT department supports a growing technology infrastructure consisting of WAN, LAN, Virtual Servers, Virtual Storage, VOIP, and mainframe technologies.

Mission & Goals

  • To provide timely and accurate support to the various government departments, various agencies, and constitutional officers
  • Evaluate emerging technologies and review their value as possible solutions to existing technology challenges
  • To provide appropriate access to information for both the staff and citizenry of Dinwiddie County
  • Develop and maintain a technically skilled staff that is well versed in both current and emerging technologies
  • Project management on technology related projects
  • Maintaining all servers, networks, VOIP systems, and mobile terminals
  • Schedule and conduct training on new technologies
  • Confer with agencies and departments to help determine technologies needed to successfully execute their responsibilities and establish a framework of best practices
  • Ensure that county technology expenditures are made in such a way as to provide maximum value to the taxpayers