Public Information


The Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisors is committed to the concept of transparency in local government. In order to achieve this mechanisms have been put in place to increase the flow of information from the board room and administration to the citizens of Dinwiddie County. The first of these mechanisms is the position Community Information Coordinator.

Community Information Coordinator

The Community Information Coordinator bears the responsibility of disseminating information to the public through a variety of means including press releases and social media. She reports directly to the County Administrator and works closely with the entire Administrative leadership team to collect and share information on a continuous basis.

As part of the leadership team, the Community Information Coordinator is keenly aware of the needs and opportunities in each department. In addition to disseminating information, she is also responsible for researching and obtaining grant funding that supports local projects.

Social Media

Dinwiddie County has established a strong social media presence. Interested parties can "like" us on Facebook or "follow" us on Twitter. Through the newly launched county website, citizens can also access the Community Calendar to learn more about what is going on in Dinwiddie. The new website provides citizens up-to-date information on what is going on in their county.