Dog License

We are glad you have chosen to live in Dinwiddie County with your canine family members. We want to ensure that all citizens of the county and those visiting us are as safe from contracting rabies from any canine. Therefore all dogs living in Dinwiddie County four months of age or older are required by county ordinance to have and display a county dog license tag.

Made effective in 2010 by the Commonwealth of Virginia's legislative body, veterinarians statewide were ordered by law to submit documentation to the jurisdiction in which you live that your dog received its rabies shot at their practice, or at a rabies clinic sponsored by them. This enables Dinwiddie County to track animal owners for several reasons; to contact you when we have your animal in custody, to prove that your animal has had the state required rabies vaccination and identifies those who still need to purchase the county license as well. Even more importantly, it helps to control the spread of rabies from animals to humans.

County tags are renewable every year by the end of January. All you need to do to get yours is bring a valid rabies certificate for each canine and go to any of the following locations to purchase one:

  • Dinwiddie County Treasurer's Office
    • Pamplin Administration Building
  • Dinwiddie Animal Shelter / Animal Control Office
    • 10903 Wheelers Pond Road
  • Whippernock Marina
    • Namozine Road
  • Chesdin Animal Hospital
    • 25026 Ferndale Road
      Petersburg, VA


  • Individual tags are $ 5 each
  • Multiple Dog Tag - Up to 20 dogs is $30
  • Multiple Dog Tag - Up to 50 dogs is $40
  • Notice
    • Please check the zoning for your area in order to qualify for a Multiple Dog Tag. Where you live in Dinwiddie County dictates the number of dogs you may have.