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Nov 18

Clerk Receives informal Attorney General's Opinion about Land Record Indices

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 5:04 PM by Barrett Chappell

The Dinwiddie Circuit Court Clerk's Office is pleased to announce it has received a favorable informal Attorney General's Opinion in regards to posting Land Record Indices online without Secure Remote Access requirements or fees. Over the next year the Clerk will collaborate with the Supreme Court of Virginia to develop an application that will allow citizens to search Dinwiddie's Land Record Indices and Index information online without submitting an application or paying a fee. The images will be available for purchase on a per document basis instead of paying a monthly fee. This application will also be used in the Dinwiddie Circuit Court's and Commissioner of Revenue's integration project. The goal for the Clerk and Commissioner, Lori Stevens, is to create easier access for the citizens to their records.

J. Barrett Chappell, Jr.
Dinwiddie Circuit Court Clerk