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Sep 13

Concealed Handgun Permits

Posted on September 13, 2013 at 3:28 PM by Barrett Chappell

There has been a change in policy for submitting new and renewal handgun permits. Previously citizens would turn the permits into the Sheriff's Office and then the Sheriff would submit the permit along with the background check to the Clerk's Office.  Now citizens will turn the permits into the Clerk's Office and the Clerk will submit the permit to the Sheriff for a background check. After the background check has been completed the Clerk will then issue and mail the permit to the applicant.  This process will take no longer than 45 days and the $50.00 does not change.  The Sheriff will be posting more information about the process in the Sheriff's Corner in the Dinwiddie Monitor in the coming weeks.  Visit the Concealed Handgun Permit page on the Clerk's website for more information.