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Business License

The Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue administers business licenses and business property taxes.

Business Professional Occupational License

All business owners, including owners of home-based businesses, are subject to a Business Professional Occupational License (BPOL) Tax. Business owners are required to register the business with the commissioner of the revenue within 30 days of commencing business operations in Dinwiddie County. Business owners must renew their business license registration each year by reporting the business’s gross receipts. The renewal may be completed online. Both filing and payment are due by the March 1 deadline. Late filing penalties may be assessed for renewals submitted after March 1. Once this tax is paid, a local business license is issued as a receipt.

County of Dinwiddie Business, Professional, and Occupational License Tax

License Fee Schedule

      Gross Receipts* Range                                  License Fee
       0 - $10,000.00                                                     0
$10,001.00 - $25,000.00                                   $25.00
$25,001.00 - $50,000.00                                   $50.00

Note:  This fee schedule applies separately to each license classification

Schedule of License Rates

  • Bondsmen: $100 flat fee
  • Builder / Developer / Contractor:    
    • $0.14 per hundred gross receipts
  • Direct Seller:    
    • Wholesale: $0.05 per hundred dollars
    • Retail: $0.16 per hundred dollars
  • Distillers or Sellers of Mixed ABC or Other:
    • $300 flat rate Manufacturer Distillers License (other than wine and beer)
    • $150 flat rate, winery license
    • $300 flat rate, brewery license
    • $20 flat rate, retailers, hotels, restaurants, clubs
    • $10 flat rate, druggists
    • $20 flat rate, licensed retailers not otherwise listed or within the enclosure of baseball parks or similar places

Mixed Alcoholic Beverages, Restaurants
  • $200 flat rate, seating capacity at tables for 50-100 persons
  • $350 flat rate, seating capacity at tables for 100-150 persons
  • $500 flat rate, seating capacity at tables for 150 persons
  • $350 flat rate, private, non-profit club operating a restaurant located on the premises of such club serving mixed

ABC Permits for Single-Event Sales County Ordinance (13-62)
  • $5 flat charge if has ABC license and selling alcohol at event
  • Itinerant Vendors, Merchants and Mechanics:
    • $500 flat rate
  • Special Event License:
    • $50 flat rate, per event or activity which lasts less than five days
  • Vehicle Racing Tracks:
    • $500 flat rate
  • Massage Parlors:
    • $5,000 flat rate
  • Peddlers:
    • $500 flat rate
  • Peddlers (Wholesale):    
    • $0.05 per hundred gross receipts
  • Peddlers Defined License:
    • License for peddlers of meats, milk, butter, eggs, poultry, fish, oysters, seafood, game, vegetables, fruit or other edible family supplies of a perishable nature or firewood for home consumption
    • $25 flat rate
  • Personal, Business, Repair, or other services:    
    • $0.30 per hundred gross receipts
  • Financial, Real Estate & Professional Services:    
    • $0.45 per hundred gross receipts
  • Retail Merchants:    
    • $0.16 per hundred gross receipts
  • Wholesale Merchants:    
    • $0.05 per hundred gross receipts

New Business License Application
Business License Renewal
Business License Zoning Compliance Form
Fictitious Name Form
Contractor Information Sheet    
Attention Contractors:  Information for filing the Contractor Certification Form (Form61A)
Certificate of Workmans' Compensation Insurance Form 61A
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Instructional Video for filing FORM 61A online:
Workers Compensation PENALTY NOTICE
Sales Tax Number Application
Appeal Form For Business Taxes

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