Marriage Celebrant - Non Minister

Non-Minister Requirements


  1. Complete the petition and mail or bring the petition with the filing fee of $59.00 to Dinwiddie Circuit Court, PO Box 63, 14008 Boydton Plank Road, Dinwiddie, VA 23841.
    • Must be a Dinwiddie Resident to file in Dinwiddie.
  2. The Clerk's Office will prepare an order for approval by the Judge. The Clerk's Office will notify you by phone if it is approved or denied. 
  3. It usually takes between 5 to 10 business days for the judge to review and prepare the bond.
  4. If approved, the petitioner must sign a bond in the amount of $500 before the clerk/deputy clerk and you will be given a certified copy of the order of appointment.
    1. If the bond is without surety there are no additional costs associated with signing the bond.
    2. If the bond is with surety you will be required to find a bondsman to sign with you or pay $500 to the court to be held while you meet the duties of the appointment as a Marriage Celebrant.