Dinwiddie County has been awarded a grant through the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) for a Fiber to the Home project.  Dinwiddie is partnering with RuralBand for this universal coverage broadband project, with completion expected by the end of 2024.

The VATI project represents the partnership among Dinwiddie County, RuralBand, Dominion Energy, Southside Electric Cooperative, The Cameron Foundation, and The Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission.

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RuralBand has divided Dinwiddie County into VATI Project Zones.  The shaded areas represent the VATI project.  Unshaded areas currently have broadband access.

If you are unable to determine your project zone or have questions regarding whether or not you are currently in an "unserved" area, please contact RuralBand's Customer Service office at 804.834.2424, to initiate the self-certify process.

To initiate the self-certify process online, visit the RuralBand website, select the "About Us" tab, and then the "Contact Us" tab.  At this point, you will be prompted to provide identifying information and, in the message box, indicate that you are self-certifying due to a lack of availability in your area.

To REGISTER your address for service, and to receive the latest project updates, visit the RuralBand website.

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The chart below depicts the updated timeline...

Updated Timeline 11.2022

The maps below depict project zones in greater detail.


Dinwiddie VATI Project Zones Schedule_Page_3


Dinwiddie VATI Project Zones Schedule_Page_4


Dinwiddie VATI Project Zones Schedule_Page_5


Dinwiddie VATI Project Zones Schedule_Page_6


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