Request a document

Instructions for requesting a copy of a document

  1. If you would like to request a document that you have searched, please email, or call 804-469-4540.
  2. Please include any information about the document you are requesting. (i.e. instrument number, book and page, date of recordation, parties' names, etc.)
    • Costs are $7.00/document plus $.50/page
    • You can pay with a credit card or with your PayPal account. You do need a PayPal account to make a payment.
  3. Once we receive your request, we will email you a Paypal invoice. 
  4. Once you have paid the invoice we will get a notification and we will email you a copy of the document. 

Refund Policy

There will be no refund or returns for any purchases unless the Dinwiddie Circuit Court is unable to provide the purchased document.