Dog / Kennel Licenses

All dogs residing in Dinwiddie County four months of age or older are required by county ordinance,

Chapter 4, Article III, to have and display a county dog license/tag. In order to obtain the license the owner of the dog must present a valid rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian.

Locations to Purchase Dog Licenses

  • Dinwiddie County Treasurer's Office
    • Pamplin Administration Building, 14016 Boydton Plank Road
  • Dinwiddie Animal Shelter / Animal Control Office
    • 10903 Wheelers Pond Road
  • Whippernock Marina
    • 2700 Sutherland Road
  • Chesdin Animal Hospital
    • 25026 Ferndale Road


  • Individual Licenses/Tags are $5 each
  • Multiple Dog License/Tags - Up to 20 dogs $30 **
  • Multiple Dog License/Tags - Up to 50 dogs $40 **

** Notice

Please check the zoning for your area before purchasing a Multiple Dog License. The zoning for the area where you live in Dinwiddie County may limit the number of dogs allowed to be kept. See Section 22-243 of the Code of Dinwiddie County or contact the Dinwiddie County Zoning Department for more information. The purchase of a multiple dog license does not authorize the keeping of more dogs than allowed by zoning.

Display of License/Tag

Dog license tags shall be securely fastened to a substantial collar by the owner or custodian and worn by the dog. It shall be unlawful for the owner to permit any licensed dog six months old or older to run at large at any time without a collar and license tag, except that the owner of the dog may remove the collar and license tag:

  1. When the dog is engaged in lawful hunting;
  2. When the dog is competing in a dog show;
  3. When the dog has a skin condition which would be exacerbated by the wearing of a collar;
  4. When the dog is confined; or
  5. When the dog is under the immediate control of its owner.

A dog license receipt shall be carefully maintained by the person to whom it is issued and preseted on request for inspection by an Animal Control Officer.

Any dog not wearing a collar bearing a license tag of the proper calendar year shall be deemed to be unlicensed, and in any proceedings under this article, the burden of proof of the fact that such dog has been licensed or is otherwise not required to bear a tag at the time shall be on the owner of the dog.