Meherrin River Regional Jail Authority

About the Authority

The Meherrin River Regional Jail is a new facility located in the Alberta area of Brunswick County, Virginia. The facility comprises two buildings including a support building (administration, food service, laundry, intake and booking, medical, visitation, etc.) and a housing building (inmate dormitories and cells, recreation, and security areas).

The authority is a regional alliance which serves the counties of Dinwiddie, Brunswick, and Mecklenburg. The authority consists of three members from each member jurisdiction: county administrator, sheriff, and a member from the Board of Supervisors. Each member can appoint an alternate to attend meetings and vote as applicable.

  • Authority Makeup / Size: Nine members
    • Three – Dinwiddie County
    • Three – Brunswick County
    • Three - Mecklenburg County
    • County administrator, sheriff, and a member of the Board of Supervisors
  • Meeting schedule
    • Southside Virginia Community College
    • First Thursday monthly
    • 2:00 pm
  • Term: No restriction
  • Paid: No

Current Membership

Dinwiddie County

  • W. Kevin Massengill (vice chairmen)
    • Appointed by Board of Supervisors
    • County of Dinwiddie
    • County administrator
    • Alternate: Anne Howerton
  • The Honorable William D. Chavis
    • Member of the Dinwiddie Board of Supervisors
    • Current term – No Restrictions
    • Alternate: Vacant
  • The Honorable Duck Adams
    • Sheriff
    • Alternate: Vacant