Appointment of Church Trustees

Instructions for Appointment of Church Trustees

Required Documents

Important note: Methodist denominations must have the pastor and district superintendent sign the petition and order. The judge will not sign the order without both signatures on both documents.

Filing Fee

The $34 filing fee must be paid in cash, certified check, money order, credit card (4% fee), or personal check payable to Clerk of Circuit Court.

Filing may be Submitted in Person or by Mail

In person:

  • Bring your completed paperwork and filing fee to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm or


Entry by Court

Upon filing the petition / letter for appointment or substitution of church trustees, an order will be submitted to the judge for entry. No hearing is required for appointment of church trustees.

In approximately three weeks, if the judge grants the petition to appoint church trustees, you will receive a certified copy of the final order.

*When using the PDF Fillable Forms, please print using the print button in the pdf page itself and not the print button in the window above page. Using the print button in pdf itself clears out the gray fillable fields for easier use by the judge and clerks.