EMS Revenue Recovery Program

EMS Revenue Recovery is the process of obtaining financial reimbursement for the cost of providing medically necessary ambulance transportation. Medicaid, Medicare and most other private insurance policies already allow for reimbursement for ambulance service and by utilizing this program Dinwiddie County can recoup some of the costs of providing EMS services. As the need for EMS continues to grow, the County, like many other local governments, seeks ways to fund these services without relying solely on real estate or personal property taxes. EMS Revenue Recovery permits the County to recoup system costs from those individuals who benefit directly from the EMS system, including many non-County residents who utilize the service. EMS Revenue Recovery is a user fee with the vast majority of revenues collected from Medicare, medicaid, and insurance companies.

Key points for the program are:

  • NO ONE will ever be denied treatment or transport based on the ability to pay.
  • Most insurance policies including Medicare and Medicaid already allow for reimbursement for this service
  • There are hardship billing policies, payment options, and a subscription program, Ambulance Aid, in place to assist citizens who may have difficulty paying their ambulance transport bill.

If any citizen has questions concerning the EMS Revenue Recovery Program, please utilize the other pages in this section for more information or call the Dinwiddie Division of Fire & EMS at (804) 469-5388.