Board of Supervisors Books

The Board of Supervisors Books were conserved for future generations and electronically formatted in 2012 by the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Board of Supervisors. The Circuit Court kept the minute books from 1870 to 1960. After 1960 the Code of Virginia changed and the books are now kept with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The books contain minutes from each board meeting during this time.

Instructions/Tips for searching Board of Supervisors Books

  1. Select the book below that you would like to search. The date ranges are in the document name. The books may take a few minutes to load.
  2. Once the document has loaded you can save them to your computer for future use and viewing without having to download again.
  3. When viewing the document it is recommended to use the Bookmarks side bar.
  4. Using the Bookmarks side bar you can easily navigate through the index and pages.
  5. To search the document for a name you will need to first search the index. The index will list names and/or subjects that are located in the minutes.
  6. Once you have found the index entry you are searching there will be a corresponding page number associated with each index entry.
  7. After you have located the page number you will then scroll through the document to the correct page or you can use the Bookmarks sidebar to find the correct page.
  8. Note: In Book two on page 214 in 1909 the books are typed. Any pages and books after that you can do a name search without using the typed index by using the 'Find' feature. To use the find feature hit 'control + f' at the same time and type in the word you are searching. It is recommended that you use this feature in conjunction with typed index because this feature may not be 100% accurate.

Minutes Books by Book Number 1870 to 1960