Marriage License Application


  1. Fill out the Marriage Application in the Clerk's Office.
  2. Both the bride and groom are required to come to the Clerk’s Office together with the following items:
    1. $30 fee for the license.
    2. Photo ID for both parties.
    3. There is a 4% fee for debit and credit card payments(Visa/Mastercard only).
    4. If one party is not able to come to the Clerk's Office, he or she may fill out this affidavit (PDF) in front of a notary. The party that is coming to the Clerk's Office must bring the original signed affidavit (PDF).
  3. When you are in the office:
    1. If you didn't fill out the application online, you will enter your personal information into the Marriage Kiosk.
    2. You will pay the $30.00 fee.
    3. The clerk will give you an oath to sign and two licenses and a return envelope to give to your marriage officiant
  4. After the wedding, the marriage officiant has five business days to return the two licenses to the Clerk’s Office.
  5. There are two ways to receive a copy of your Marriage License:
    1. Mail in this request form (PDF) along with a self-addressed return envelope or $.50 for the return postage to Dinwiddie Circuit. The fee is $3 per copy.
    2. Come in person to the Clerk's Office. The fee is $3 per copy.
  6. In order to change your name with DMV and Social Security Administration, you must submit a certified copy of your marriage license.
  7. The clerk forwards a copy of all marriage licenses to Department of Vital Records each month.

Additional Information

  • Marriage Information Handout (PDF)
  • The Marriage License is only good for 60 days.
  • The Marriage License is good anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • You can apply for your Marriage License at any Clerk's Office in the Commonwealth of Virginia as long as you plan on getting married in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Marriage in Virginia, this page contains information from the Virginia State Bar.
  • The Clerk's Office only issues the license and records it after you have been married by a duly appointed officiant. We are not authorized to perform marriages. Please contact a minister or other licensed Marriage Celebrant.