Brenda K. Ebron-Bonner

Brenda K. Ebron-Bonner portrait

Mrs. Ebron-Bonner grew up in Brunswick County, Virginia and graduated from Brunswick County High School. Following graduation, Mrs. Ebron-Bonner attended Virginia State University where she majored in Sociology with a minor in Social Work. She moved to Dinwiddie County in 1993 upon marriage to her husband, Ben J. Bonner, Jr. Mrs. Ebron-Bonner has worked in the Forensics Unit of Central State Hospital for the past 35 years as a Human Service Care Specialist and is a staunch advocate for Mental Health.

In November 2019, Mrs. Ebron-Bonner was elected to her third term as District 5 Supervisor for Dinwiddie County and served as chair in 2016.

Mrs. Ebron-Bonner is a member and serves as Deacon, of First Baptist Church West Petersburg. She also served on the Board of Social Services for Dinwiddie County. Mrs. Ebron-Bonner is an active member of Virginia Association of Counties served as Chair for three years of the Health and Human Services Steering Committee. She is Dinwiddie County’s representative on the District 19 Community Services Board, and an ex-officio member of the James House Board of Directors. She is a member of the Southside Regional Fellowship Program and was appointed to serve on the Governors’ Advisory Committee for Children’s Services. Mrs. Ebron-Bonner is a VHDA certified trainer and was awarded the Tri-Cities Regional Domestic Violence Taskforce Award. She is a previous member of the West Petersburg Awareness Inc., and currently, serves on the National Association of Counties’ Rural Impact Community Challenge committee focused on breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Dinwiddie County.

Mrs. Ebron-Bonner is a strong believer in faith, family and community involvement. She has been instrumental in the County’s efforts to increase transparency and communication with stakeholders. She takes pride in being accessible to her constituents in the fifth district as well as Dinwiddie County as a whole.