Civil CD Recordings

Recording Requests
To request a CD recording, please complete the CD request form and only pay the fee below.  See description of formats below.

Civil CD Recording Payment Options
Name of person making request

Recordings are available only for hearings/trials in civil cases and by court order. The civil case must have occurred on or after September 11, 2009. Each CD contains a single hearing that lasts no more than two consecutive court days. Trials or hearings exceeding two days require multiple requests and fees. Any hearings or trials that are continued or that do not run consecutively must have additional request forms completed. 

Once the Clerk's Office has received your request it will be sent to the Judge for approval. 

Available Formats

CD recordings are available in two formats:

  • FTR Gold - These will play on your computer only if you have installed TheRecordPlayer software which is included on each CD.  
    • Each CD in this format is $35.00.
  • MP3 - These will play on most computers using Windows Media Player, Nero, etc. 
    • Each CD in this format is $55.00.

CDs will be available for pick up or ready to be mailed within five business days. 

NOTE: FTR Gold CDs are not considered to be the official record of the proceedings in the case, as they do not meet the requirements of VA Code §17.1-128.