Design Review Board

The Design Review Board was established under Section 22-344 of the Dinwiddie County Code.

(a) The DRB shall administer the provisions of DIVISION 4. – Rt. 1, Rt. 460, and DINWIDDIE COURTHOUSE AREA ENTRANCE CORRIDOR OVERLAY DISTRICTS, in accordance with duties as set forth herein; and may recommend to the Board of Supervisors the promulgation of appropriate design standards for the entrance corridor districts established pursuant to this Division as it believes appropriate to supplement the design standards set forth in this Division. Such design standards may include but are not limited to architectural standards; building and parking setback standards; landscaping, fencing, signage and additional site design standards.

(b) The DRB may, from time to time, recommend additional areas for designation as entrance corridor districts.

(c) The DRB may be advisory to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors in rezonings, conditional use permits, site development plans, subdivisions, variances and other matters within entrance corridor districts.

(d) In order to allow for reasonable expansion of existing structures and to allow flexibility in the application of the design and development standards applicable to entrance corridor districts, the DRB may grant reasonable deviations from such standards if the site's topography, configuration, or other unique circumstances prevent full compliance with the requirements. In all such cases, the DRB may impose conditions that will accomplish the purpose of the requirements to the maximum extent practicable.

The DRB meets on an irregular, as needed bases.  All meetings will be noticed accordingly.

Appointee Term Beginning Date Term Ending Date
Chappell, John 5/1/2018 4/30/2024
Farmer, Harold 5/1/2018 4/30/2024
Lindsay, Jessica 5/1/2018 4/30/2024
Cornett, Lorna (alternate) 7/21/2020 4/30/2024