Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Dinwiddie County recognizes that news of the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is concerning to our community.  Dinwiddie County officials are working with our local health department as well as various other local, state, and federal officials to monitor the impact of COVID-19. For the latest information please visit the CDC, VDH  and WHO websites or call the VDH at 1-877-ASK-VDH3 (1-877-275-8343)

Helpful Links

Virginia Department of Health - FAQ's 12.15.20

Virginia Department of Health Launches New Pandemic Dashboard

Department of Social Services COVID-19 Resources

Governor Northam's COVID-19 Health Equity Guidebook

Governor’s Press Release: Expansion of Data Sharing Platform (6/12/20)

Governor’s Press Release: Support for Agribusiness (6/12/20)

Virginia Department of Health - COVID Check Tool (5/22/20)

Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association: COVID-19 in Virginia Hospitals (5/18/20)

Dinwiddie County Water Authority - When Reopening Begins (5/8/20)

Virginia Department of Health Launches New COVID-19 Web Page Tool (4.27.20)

Dinwiddie County Water Authority - COVID-19 - FAQs (3/27/20)

VDH Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Website

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Website

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Website

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Dinwiddie County-Twitter

Dinwiddie County Emergency Management-Facebook

Dinwiddie County Emergency Management-Twitter

Dinwiddie County Public Schools Website

Dinwiddie County Public Schools-Facebook

Dinwiddie County Public Schools-Twitter

Richard Bland College Coronavirus Info Center

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard

Closings and Delays

DCPS - Coronavirus Updates

DCPS - Distance Learning Opportunities

COVID-19 Latest News

VDH Repots First Cases of P.1 COVID-19 Variant in Virginia (4.16.21)

CDC Updates Recommendations for Healthcare Settings and Nursing Home Visitation (3.12.21)

Crater Health District COVID-19 Vaccination Update (01.28.21)

VDH Launches Text Messaging Service to Streamline Positive Test Result Awareness and Exposure Notification (01.28.21)

VDH Reports First Case of COVID-19 Variant in Commonwealth (01.25.21)

VDH Enhances Spanish and Other Additional Language Services for COVID-19 Information

Governor Northam Announces New Mitigation Measures to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (12.10.20)

VDH Announces New Contact Tracing Prioritization and Reduced Quarantine Guidelines (12.07.20)

Governor Northam Announces New Statewide Measures to Contain COVID-19 (11.13.20)

Governor Northam Authorizes Hazard Pay for Home Health Workers (10.15.20)

Crater Health District Announces COVID-19 Marketing Taskforce (10.07.20)

Press Release - Virginia Launches New Open Data Portal (10.01.20)

Press Release - VDH Launches New Pandemic Dashboard (9.28.20)

Press Release - Crater Health District (8.28.20)

Press Release - Governor Northam Launches COVIDWISE Notification App (8.5.20)

Press Release - VDH Enhances COVID-19 Data Reporting (7.22.20)

COVID-19 Community Testing Event Flyer - 7.23.20

Press Release: VDH and UVA Partner to Collect COVID-19 Health Data (7/15/20)

Press Release: VDH Expands COVID-19 Regional Data Reporting (7/14/20)

Press Release: Virginia Department of Health - Contact Tracing (7/10/20)

Executive Order 67: Phase III (7.1.20)

Press Release: Virginia Department of Health Urges Virginians to Engage with Legitimate Contact Tracers and Avoid Scams (6/29/20)

Press Release: Virginia Department of Health to Expand COVID-19 Dashboard (6/15/20)

Public Service Announcement: County Offices to Reopen to the Public June 15, 2020 (6/12/20)

Press Release - Virginia Department of Health: Data to Show Sharp Increase in PCR Tests (6/12/20)

Press Release - Governor Northam Shares Guidance for Phased Reopening of PreK-12 Schools (6/9/20)

Press Release - VDH Announces Upcoming Increase in COVID-19 Testing Data (6/8/20)

Press Release - County Scheduled to Reopen to the Public (6.5.20)

Virginia Department of Health Share Information on Publicly Available COVID-19 Tests (6.4.20)

Press Release - Virginia to Enter Phase 2 (6/2/20)

Virginia Department of Health Revises Method of Reporting Test Data (5/29/20)

Executive Order 63: Requirement of Face Covering While Inside Buildings (5/26/20)

Press Release - Governor Northam Announces Face Covering Requirement (5/26/20)

Press Release - COVID-19 Community Testing Event in Dinwiddie County (5/19/20)

Press Release - Governor Northam Delays Phase One for Northern Virginia Localities (5/12/20)

Executive Order 61 - Phase 1 of Virginia’s Plan for Reopening (5/8/20)

Virginia Department of Social Services Announces Expanded EBT Benefit for School Nutrition Programs (5/8/20)

Press Release - Dinwiddie County IDA Establishes COVID-19 Small Business Disaster Fund (5/1/20)

Public Service Announcement - Farmers Markets (4/24/20)

Governor Extends Business Closures to May 8 (4/15/20)

Crater Health District COVID-19 Health Alert (4.14.20)

Press Release - Governor Northam Announces Plans to Postpone Upcoming Virginia Elections (4/8/20)

Press Release - First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Dinwiddie (4/6/20)

Press Release - Crater Health District Confirms First COVID-19 Case in Dinwiddie (4.6.20)

Press Release - Governor Announces Emergency Funding for Sheltering Virginia’s Homeless (4/3/20)

Public Service Announcement - Virginia Tax Deadlines and Extensions (4/3/20)

Virginia Receives Major Disaster Declaration from Federal Government for COVID-19 (4/2/20)

Public Service Announcement - Economic Impact Payments (4/2/20)

Public Service Announcement - EO 55 Travel (4/1/20)

Public Service Announcement - Public Works (3/30/20)

Executive Order 55 - Stay at Home Order (3/30/20)

Public Service Announcement - Expanded WiFi

Press Release - Crater Health District - Additional Case Confirmed in Health District (3/29/20)

Press Release - Crater Health District - First Case in Petersburg (3/29/20)

Press Release - Crater Health District (3/28/20)

Public Service Announcement - DSS - SNAP Eligibility and Expansion (3/27/20)

Building Inspections & Planning Department - COVID-19 Procedured (3.25.20)

Public Service Announcement - Parks, Recreation & Tourism (3/25/20)

Dinwiddie County Press Release (3/24/20)

Dinwiddie County Press Release (3/23/20)

Virginia Medicaid and COVID-19

Dinwiddie County Press Release - Changes to Public Works (3/19/20)

Public Service Announcement - Dinwiddie Animal Control (3/17/20)

Judicial Emergency Declared by Supreme Court of Virginia (3/17/20)

Governor Announces Additional Protective Measures in Response to COVID-19 (3/17/20)

Public Service Announcement - Parks, Rec & Tourism (3/17/20)

Dinwiddie County Press Release (3/16/20)

Dinwiddie County Press Release (3/15/20)

Dinwiddie County Press Release (3/13/20)

Governor Northam Orders All Virginia K-12 Schools Closed for Minimum of Two Weeks(3/13/2020)

 Attorney Generals Office Release on Price Gouging and Scams Related to COVID-19(3/12/2020)

Dinwiddie County Public Schools COVID-19 Update(3/12/2020)

Governor Northam Declares State of Emergency, Outlines Additional Measures to Combat COVID-19(3/12/2020)

Richard Bland College Extends Spring Break for Students

Additional Information & Resources

Governor Northam Invites Small Businesses and Nonprofits to Apply for Up to $100,000 from Rebuild VA Grant Fund

Department of Social Services - Cooling Assistance Program (6/10/20)

Dinwiddie County IDA - Small Business COVID-19 Disaster Grant Fund (5/1/20)

Virginia COVID-19 Resources for Businesses - Secretary of Commerce and Trade (4/30/20)

Bon Secours Offering COVID-19 Video Visits 24/7

Governor Announces Funding to Expand Access to Child Care During Pandemic (4/15/20) 

John Randolph Foundation Disaster Response Fund

Crater Region Workforce Development Board:  Virginia Rapid Response COVID-19 Business Support Initiative

          Layoff Aversion Flyer

           Cover Letter

          Application and Agreement

Cover LetterBon Secours Health System - Coronavirus Information and Updates

Virginia Cooperative Extension - COVID 19 Resources for the Public

Dinwiddie COVID-19 Dining Options

COVID-19 Business Resource Guide

Re: COVID-19 Executive Order 53

VDH COVID-19 FAQs  (3/11/2020)

Product List for Use Against COVID-19

CDC Resources for Home

CDC Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities

CDC Guidance for People at High Risk of Serious Illness from COVID-19

CDC Printable Posters and Handouts