Redistricting Advisory Citizen Committee (RACC)

About the Committee

After the census is conducted every ten years, Article VII, Section 5 of the Constitution of Virginia and Virginia Code Section 24.2-304.1(B) require that voters be reapportioned. This process is often referred to as redistricting and Virginia Code Section 24.2-304.1(B) places the responsibility for this process with the Board of Supervisors. 

The Board of Supervisors appointed a citizen advisory committee to help it with the redistricting process. This committee, referred to as the Redistricting Advisory Citizen Committee, will provide advice to the Board of Supervisors regarding the boundaries for Board of Supervisors districts, School Board districts, precincts, and polling places. Elementary School districts are not changed or impacted by this process. 

Current Membership

District 1:   Kara Canada

                    Granville Maitland

                    Tabitha Rhodes

District 2:    Jason Dean

                     Francene Green

                     Stanley Parham

District 3:    Billy Bain

                     Larry Harvell

                     Ruth Shelton

District 4:    Huntus Duke

                     Dennis Sexton

                     Lillian Stewart

District 5:    Elisa Buffa

                     Norma Newman

                     Ciarra Webb


$100 per meeting


Until completion of the project.